Virtuality: Pet Cemetary on Second Life

peace valley

A new sim for pet lovers has recently opened. It is called Peace Valley and contains a pet cemetery, hospital and photo gallery. The idea for the sim came because Silverax Greenwood’s pet cat died and there was no where in rl (“real life”)for Silverax to memorialize her in an appropriate way. The Peace Valley cemetery now provides a place for pet owners to create a memorial for their pets , where they can visit and quietly remember those who were such an important part of their family. In the words of Silverax Greenwood, the Peace Valley Hospital is a “clinic (that) cures hurting people”. It is a place for grieving pet owners to come and share memories of their pets, perhaps by talking with Silverax or others involved with the sim, builder kondoo Freck, cemetery manager nyan Singh, and timasam Dagostino. In addition, there is a pet photo gallery available where citizens of sl can rent space to post pictures. Peace Valley (110, 61,54)