White House Pets

Pet Place asks “Which pets would you want in the White House?”spot21.jpg   Dogs the Popular Choice for Presidents In recent decades, the most popular pets of course have been dogs, with cats following at a close second. Collies, Irish Setters, wolfhounds, elkhounds, terriers, bulldogs, golden retrievers, and poodles are just a few of the breeds of dog who have reigned as first pet. Currently two Scottish terriers and a cat reside at the White House. Wondering who the next presidential pets might be?  This Years Presidential Candidates Pets: Here’s how some of this year’s presidential candidates weigh in with their first pets: 

  •  Barack Obama – has no pets, but has promised his children a dog. 
  •  Hillary Rodham Clinton – has Seamus a Lab.
  •  Mike Huckabee has Jet the 9-year-old black Lab, Sonic the 1 1/2-year-old Shih Tzu.
  •  John Edwards has a golden retriever and chocolate Lab.
  •  John McCain – Sam the English Springer spaniel, Coco the mutt, turtles named Cuff and Link, Oreo the black and white cat, a ferret, three parakeets and 13 saltwater fish. 
  •  Rudy Giuliani has no pets either.
  •  Mitt Romney – Had a weimaraner that recently past away.