Tyson Pulls Antibiotic-Free Label

WSJ reports: Under Pressure, Tyson Withdraws Antibiotic-Free Label

Tyson Foods says that it is “voluntarily” withdrawing the antibiotic-free chicken label awarded by the Agriculture Department because of “uncertainty and controversy over product labeling regulations and advertising claims.” Dave Hogberg, svp of consumer products for Tyson, says the company still supports “the idea of marketing chicken raised without antibiotics” and believes “there needs to be more specific labeling and advertising protocols developed.” 

Tyson’s unexpected move follows months of confusion surrounding its hot-selling Raised Without Antibiotics chicken, which the company touted as part of a $70 million advertising campaign launched last summer. 

Tyson has begun designing and ordering new labeling and packaging materials. While the new labels should start appearing in stores within the next six weeks, products with the antibiotic-free labels will continue to be in the marketplace for several months.