Private Label Buzz

Nielsen Online Asks: Do Rising Prices Lead to Private-Label Growth? 

As we look at buzz over the past few months, we see online discussions about grocery prices in particular rise significantly in the first few weeks of 2008. While the post-holiday season is usually a time when consumers begin tightening their belts, the sentiments expressed during this time period show a sense of foreboding and anticipation.

As we learned from the data above, buzz for private labels and store brands remains remarkably unchanged in recent months. It is important to note that in unprompted discussion, consumers infrequently discuss store brands generically, but will identify a brand by retailer, such as the “Aldi Fit & Active hot pocket brand,” for example. This obscures the rise in private growth that is ringing up at the register.


When we look specifically at private label buzz linked to milk, eggs and bread, we see a different story emerge. Buzz increases moderately in recent weeks for all three categories. This is consistent with recently reported sales trends, which reveal over half (52.7%) of sales growth for private label products were driven by milk, fresh eggs, cheese, breads and baked goods for the period ending March 29, 2008.


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