Competitrack: Meow Mix Think Like A Cat Game Show


via NY Daily NewsCat owners and their feline friends showed off their star quality Saturday, auditioning for a new game show that could earn them a cool million.

Dozens of wanna-be contestants, many dressed in outfits to match their favorite pet, lined up from 8 a.m. to try their luck at “The Meow Mix Think Like a Cat Game Show.

“Sopranos” star Vincent Pastorwho played Big Pussy in the hit series, was on a panel of three judges checking out the cat-lovers’ relationships with their animals.

“She’s my best girl, she’s my pal,” said Janet Spain, 47, from upstate New York who was convinced her Savannah cat, Blondie, had star quality.

Spain wore  a leopard-print shirt, with gold sunglasses and a panther necklace, to match her brown spotted feline.

Organizers wouldn’t reveal the precise rules of the game, but said the show will be a cross between “The Newlywed Game” and “Jeopardy.”

Cat-testants were asked a series of multiple choice trivia questions to work out how much they know about felines. About 70 animals were brought to tryouts at the Helen Mills Theater on W. 26th St., which resume Sunday from noon to 6 p.m.

Many of the pet owners tried to dazzle the judges and shared some of their intimate secrets about their furry friends.

“When I’m sitting on the toilet, he jumps on my lap,” said Debbie Brendel, 34, fromNew Jersey who brought her gray tabby, Beemer, to the auditions.

“I know plenty of guys who would jump on your lap,” Pastore quipped in reply and added that in addition to his onscreen nickname, he is a cat lover at heart.

“I feed all the strays,” he said. “When it rains, I let them come inside [my home] and sleep.”

The show hits the Game Show Network on Nov. 15.


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