Conscientious Consumption: Publix GreenWise Market


Publix GreenWise Market : It’s become easy to find natural foods and organic products in most supermarkets around the country, and now supermarket chain Publix is adding solar power to its greening efforts with this new store. It’s not for sale, but solar power is on display for visitors who can check out how much solar energy the store is generating on a video screen display in the check-out area. Located in Boca Raton, FL (with more locations expected to open), this concept store also has an onsite cafe made from bamboo, where after eating freshly prepared meals, customers can recycle the containers and utensils on site.

Aki Note: As we watch increasingly more mainstream retailers like WalMart and Publix swing towards green/sustainable/organic market concepts, expect food manufacturers to reconfigure how (if) their brands are worthy/fitting of being stocked. Does Rice-A-Roni and Stouffers expect to be stocked here? Or will such brands need to redesign their offerings to remain relevant and appealing?And what pet food brands will they expect to stock?