Top 10 Cartoon Dogs Everyone Wants to Own

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Have you ever imagined your dog was a crime-fighting canine like Underdog, or that you owned the lovable mutt Odie from Garfield? There are many cartoon dogs from television and comic strips that would make wonderful, real-life pets. If you could, which dogs would you like to own? I’ve put together a top ten list of possible pooches.

max from the grich10. Max – He is willing to do anything for his master, even if his master is a grinch. I always feel so sorry for Max when the Grinch ties that antler on his head. The poor thing looks so pathetic. He is a good sport, and doesn’t seem to mind being humiliated. Max is a good choice for people who like to dress up their pets.

9. Dino – While he is technically not a dog, he acts like one on TV’s The Flintstones. Dino is the prehistoric version of man’s best friend. He is always happy to see everyone, just look at the way he drools and slobbers over Fred when he gets home from work. And, think of all the gas you could save by having Dino around to lift you from place to place.

8. Astro – Ruh Roh. Although the Jetson’s dog is big, dumb, and sometimes lazy, he is very protective of his boy Elroy. Plus, he is a perfect exercise companion since he already knows how to use a treadmill.

7. Lady – This lovable cocker spaniel from Lady & The Tramp is the only female dog on this list. This little lady will do whatever it takes to protect her family whether fish, fowl or human. All she wants in return is love and attention. Just keep her away from strays.

6. Odie – Garfield’s nemesis is just another dumb dog who is content with just being Odie. He doesn’t have any special talents, he just an endearing animal who doesn’t mind that the cat runs the household.

5. Hong Kong Phooey – Remember this mild-mannered janitor turned Kung Fu master when there is trouble? He is another perfect dog. He can protect you from the bad guys and clean up after himself when he’s done.

bria griffin4. Brian Griffin – I would love to own Brian. Who wouldn’t want a dog who can take care of himself? He can walk on two legs, carry on a conversation and even drive a car. He’ll even earn his own money if he has to. Plus, he is funny as hell.

3. Scooby Doo – Wouldn’t you just love to cuddle with everyone’s favorite scaredy-dog? You would have to be braver than he is to own him though, since he jumps at every noise.

2. Snoopy – This beloved beagle of Peanuts fame would be an awesome pet. He is smart, talented and imaginative, and he loves to dance.

1. Underdog is the top dog, hands down. The animated Underdog that is, not the lame movie excuse for this cartoon classic. There’s no need to fear if Underdog is in your house. While he might cause a little chaos while he’s at it, he’ll fight villains, save damsels in distress, and even shine your shoes.