Kellogg Tests Shorter, Fatter Cereal Boxes

Ad Age reports

cornflakes012609Kim Miller, VP-morning foods marketing at Kellogg, said  “The test of this new space-saving packaging is part of our ongoing commitment to identify solutions that help us meet the needs of our retail partners and consumers.”

The new packaging contains the same amount of food, but the shorter, fatter design is expected to fit into pantries more easily. Ms. Miller said it will also save grocery-shelf space, allowing retailers to offer a wider variety of products. Since it involves an 8% decrease in materials, the new box design is also stands to burnish Kellogg’s green halo.

Kellogg CEO David MacKay said “we’re looking at how we can make positive changes in what we do to improve our footprint and to drive efficiency and effectiveness.” He added, “As a company we’ve always had a strong history of trying to leave a positive footprint wherever we compete. We think we need to step that up.”