Iams+WalMart Leverage LOLCats Phenomenon: Partner w/ ICanHasCheezburger

ichcnom_presents-3Cheesy little flash game, but very fun, and advertised on the LOLcats blog

*Fallon has mentioned icanhascheezburger in a few planning meetings over the years (these 3 guys get over a million uniques a month with “funny cat photo” content that users submit). These guys now have a book deal, iPhone app extensions, a LOLDog extension and other successful entrepreneurial websites.

**NOTE: the Hactivism and Haterade bubbling up in the comments section from many savvy and vocal protesters of Iams…ICanHasCheezburger may have to reconcile their community cred with the “evil” Iams who allegedly commits cruel animal tests and was heavily profiled in the Dog Food Recalls.

walmartexactsame***ALSO NOTE: WalMart full integration banner buys promote “exact same brands found in specialty stores at lower prices”. Selling Thrift thru Funny! (recalling: Fallon recommended social strategy for Alpo “Quick Get That Dog…” Campaign