TMZ's Doggie Dress-Up Contest

TMZ, the popular gossip mag/show/site is holding a costume contest for dogs. Looks like they got a fair amount of submissions (considering they are not a dog brand)
*also note that as of this posting the first page about the contest features Iams Premium Protection banners, then when you click to the actual gallery you see ProPlan banners. Promiscuous!

**ANOTHER ALSO: Makes me recall that Qucik, Get That Dog Some Alpo and other user-generated submission campaigns could use a bit of getting outside of oursevles and PARTNERING with the influentials, like TMZ. IE, when Alpo asks for user-submitted photos we get little response. If we partner with TMZ and bundle our advertising buy around the initiative we can better our response rate. STOP BUYING ADS, BUY PARTNERSHIP PROGRAMS.