Twitter Saves A Dog's Life

Twitter has found an incredible and heartwarming use: raising money to save a dog’s life.

According to the Examiner, two roommates from Texas, Jamie Whitt (@WeblogofWeeds) and Connie Donnellan (@cdonnellan), found an injured pitbull on the side of the road in need of immediate care. The problem: it would cost $400 for the amputations necessary to keep the dog, Caesar, from being euthanized.
So the girls put their Twitter accounts to work. They tweeted and tweeted, asking followers to spread the news about Caesar’s plight. They collected donations via Paypal. Within a few days, they had nearly $500, enough to cover Caesar’s surgery and some extra for food until a family can permanently adopt him.

A TV news report, embedded below, tells the heart-warming tale (apologies for the imperfect quality).