Tweeting Dog Collar Posts Your Dog’s Movements to Twitter

LA Times and Mashable report: Mattel is about to launch a toy called Puppy Tweet, and it gives your dog the ability to send Twitter updates about what he or she is doing.

The collar detects when your dog moves or make a sound, then randomly selects one of 500 pre-written tweets to post to Twitter. Your dog has to be within a reasonable distance of the room with your computer in it, though; the tweets are sent wirelessly from the collar to a USB receiver that has to be plugged into a supported Internet-connected device.

Since the selection is random, the tweets don’t really represent what your dog is doing. It’s more a placebo that reminds you that your beloved pet is out there doing something, whatever it is. They’re cute though. A couple examples: “I finally caught that tail I’ve been chasing, and . . . OOUUUCHH!” and “I bark because I miss you. There, I said it. Now hurry home.”

It sounds like it would get redundant, but Mattel Brands President Neil Freidman said “”Eventually it will certainly repeat itself, but people repeat themselves, too.” True enough.

“It is a new frontier for us,” Mattel Brands President Neil Friedman said. “We think it could be the start of a new wave of products for people to interact with their pets.”

Designed by Mattel’s Radica division, Puppy Tweets is expected to hit toy stores and pet shops nationwide in the fall for $29.99, although the company will show the product to industry watchers in New York on Friday. Retailers such as Inc. have already signed on to sell the toy.

“Our customer base tends to be active online and savvy with social media, so it will be a good match,” said Sarah Wood, director of Amazon’s toys and games store. “It’s definitely unique from anything we’ve seen before.”

Puppy Tweets will cost $29.99 when it launches in the United States this fall at e-tailers like Amazon.