3-D television comes to life

Originally posted March 29, 2010 by Elizabeth Olson, a writer for the New York Times.

3-D T.V.s have begun to hit the consumer market. Some forecasters say that an estimated 3.5-4 million homes will have 3-D televisions in them by the end of this year, although others are skeptical and find those numbers a little high.   None-the-less Samsung is introducing 15 3-D television models with two of the models already out on store shelves with several thousand already sold.  LG and Sony also plan on introducing 3-D TVs to the market this year.  The companies are excited about this new era of television watching claiming that television watching will become less passive and much more of an immersive viewing experience.  Samsung is currently working with film studios, cable networks and others to supply content for the televisions; other experts say the demand for 3-D programming will help propel this new techonology forward.

To read more about the new era of T.V. follow this link: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/03/30/business/media/30adco.html?ref=media