Buzz Continues with Friskies Adventureland Spot

Interest still exists around the Friskies Adventureland spot where a feline enters cat-opia.

A recent article on Slate gives the Friskies ad a solid B for sharp animation and disruptiveness in a category full of white fur balls eating out of crystal dishes.

But the more interesting part is the continued consumer interest in this ad, especially the 3D version before showings of Alice in Wonderland.

The Slate article was posted on March 29th and was the most read and the most e-mailed article for a few days. Today, it remains the most read and the fourth most e-mailed article. I’m just going to guess that folks aren’t sending other cat food ads to their friends.

As of March 30, 2010

And it’s not just some weird fascination among Slate readers. Google Insights shows a 250% spike in searches for and a 190% surge in searches for “Friskies commercial.” There is even a 50% increase in searches for “Friskies printable coupons.” So it appears these conversation starting ads may also be increasing purchase intent.

Source: Google Insights for Search

Although at first glance this ad may have seemed bizarre and received some negative drug related associations it is certainly getting noticed. And commenters also relate the ad back to Friskies, not some cat food brand, which is another plus for the brand. And most importantly, cat lovers seem to really dig it.

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