Fallon Brainfood: SX35W

SXSW is an annual interactive (and music and film) conference in Austin, TX that has become the epicenter of what’s hot and breaking in digital technology. Twitter unveiled there 4 years ago and we see where that went. Facebook Connect debuted there last year.

A few of us at Fallon attended SXSW Conference and we want to share what we saw, what is breaking, what is trending, and what is likely to impact your brands and communications within the next year. Austin comes to Minneapolis. SXSW meets SX35W.

Expect to view a series of short, lively, engaging, approachable presentations (no presentation longer than 5 minutes and 5 slides, with a mimimum of “geek-speak”) that will showcase the conference highlights and outline the important things that you need to know now.

Topics include: “Future of TV”, “Future of Print”, “Transmedia 2010”, “Bank 2.0”, “Seductive Interactions”, and more.

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