Fancy Feast places mobile at heart of multichannel effort

Mobile Marketer reports:

Purina Fancy Feast places mobile at heart of multiCelebrate each day

Purina’s Fancy Feast is running a multichannel effort that features social media, mobile and online promotions that encourage consumers to celebrate life and its precious moments.

Fancy Feast partnered with American Greetings for this promotion, which is part of the cat-food brand’s “Moments” campaign. The mobile component consists of two custom Fancy Feast greetings, which are available for distribution through the American Greetings iPhone application.

“Fancy Feast’s main goal was driving awareness and involvement with the Appetizers products and mobile was an additional way to facilitate that,” said Kelly Abood, director of sales, marketing and client services at AG Interactive, Cleveland.

The Fancy Feast Appetizers program, which is part of the brand’s Moments campaign began in the beginning of April and will run through June.

Here are some screen grabs of the iPhone component of the campaign, which includes two Fancy Feast greetings distributed through the American Greetings iPhone application.

The first is the greetings listing page within the application, with the Fancy Feast video greeting “Be Brighter.”

This is the Be Brighter video greeting viewing page:

The Be Brighter greeting’s message is, “Rise, shine and make your mornings brighter. Because every day there’s something new to celebrate.”

The Fancy Feast Appetizers logo is at the bottom of the screen while the message is being played.

Below is a screen grab of the “Time to Unwind” greeting listed in the American Greetings application:

This is the Time to Unwind video greeting preview page. The greeting encourages people to “Sit back, relax and unwind. Take time to celebrate another incredible day.”

The Fancy Feast Appetizers logo is at the bottom of the screen while the message is being played.

Additionally, Fancy Feast did a homepage takeover on

Consumers could watch an informational video, which was imbedded in the billboard, as shown above.

Here is the video:

In the middle of the page there is a Facebook push:

Consumers that click were routed to a different page where they could share the Fancy Feast ecard with their Facebook friends.

Here is a screen grab:

The Fancy Feast program also includes an eGreetings Facebook Branded Content Shell. Essentially it is a Fancy Feast skin that envelops a variety of ecard content that users can browse from once posted to their Facebook wall (or their friends’ walls).

Here is an example:

From the branded Content Shell a user can scroll through other Fancy Feast branded cards, share another card on their wall and email a card to their friend, which will then be posted on the recipient’s wall.

Fancy Feast also gets a themed custom channel with five custom greetings, all of which are postable to Facebook. Click here to view it.

“Fancy Feast wanted to have a presence in a couple of different places and mobile provided a way to take the campaign to the next level,” Ms. Abood said.