A new take on QR codes for outdoor

Brands trial Google Goggles outdoor ads French Connection, L’Oréal’s Garnier, Sony Music and Samsung have become the first UK brands to trial “Goggle” technology for outdoor campaigns, in a partnership with CBS Outdoor.

Google Goggles is described as a “virtual search app” that matches the offline image against a library of images, providing brands with an alternative to QR codes.

Brands that have “Goggle-enabled” their outdoor ads will allow users with the Goggle app on their iPhone or Android device to access extra content online by taking a picture of the campaign.

The scheme launches this week with ads from Sony Music and French Connection at sites in Westfield Stratford City and Westfield London retail destinations.

Sony Music has created Goggle-enabled posters promoting the new album by British rock band Kasabian. When users take a picture of the poster using the Goggle app they will be taken through to the band’s mobile site where they will be able to view exclusive content from the band, including a video message from lead singer Tom Meighan.

L’Oréal’s Garnier and Samsung will also roll out similar activity in October. Google is planning to use the technology to showcase its Google Transit service on LED poster sites around Westfield too.

This is the first time in the UK that Goggles technology has been used by brands to deliver exclusive content from outdoor sites.

Mike Hemmings, head of marketing at CBS Outdoor UK, said that brands are now realising the benefits of combining outdoor, for raising awareness, with the mobile web.

It follows a similar experiment using Goggles in the US last year with Disney, Diageo, T-Mobile, and Delta Air Lines taking part.

Last month Cadbury became the first brand to use similar image recognition technology from Blippar, which also aims to be an alternative to QR codes.

Users who download the app were able to hover smartphones over a Cadbury’s chocolate bar to play a virtual Spots v Stripes game on their devices.

Article from: Marketing Magazine, 9/19/11

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