Disney Channel’s “Dog With A Blog”, New TV Show

Breaking BadThe WireThe SimpsonsDeadwoodMad MenThe Sopranos. What do these so-called “greatest shows of all-time” all have in common? They’re total crap compared to a new series that aired its first episode last night. I’d go so far as to say it’s the greatest thing that’s ever aired on TV: DOG WITH A BLOG.

We’ve been waiting for this moment since April, when the Disney Channel announced the show’s general premise and, more importantly, THE FACT THAT IT’S CALLED DOG WITH A BLOG. It’s already the official show of Warming Glow, and we will hear no arguments to the contrary. It’s about a dog…with a blog. Boom.

Thanks to a helpful tweet from @sarah_sprague, we were reminded that last night was the series premiere. Obviously, I watched the whole thing, watched it again, watched it four more times, then took screencaps and wrote about it. Here are my findings, which can be summed up as: OMG.
YouTube Preview Image
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