Puppy Bowl Roster Includes Two Rescues Found On ‘Dead Dog Beach’


Biscuit and Butterscotch were born on a Puerto Rican beach for abandoned dogs known as Dead Dog Beach.(Via) They were rescued by an American organization and are both competing in this year’s Puppy Bowl.

“When I see these two puppies, if you look at the dynamic, they were set up to fail,” Sato Project [a non-profit dedicated to rescuing abandoned, abused animals] founder Chrissy Beckles told ABCNews.com. “They were born on a beach, their father got killed, their mother didn’t want to be caught.” (Via)

The organization focused its attention on Dead Dog Beach, a place Beckles calls “a horror story.”

When she and her volunteers started working there, there were over 300 dogs roaming the beach with new dogs being dumped there daily. She said people would leave dogs there to die and sometimes come there to torture dogs or practice fight dogs.

Beckles has volunteers who patrol the beach every day and the town’s mayor is supporting the Sato Project by saying he will fully enforce the fact that abusing and abandoning dogs is a crime punishable by law. (Via)

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